How To Find The Best Lawyer For Entrepreneur Immigrants

With a recent change made to the International Entrepreneur Rule in the U.S. There are many different factors to pay attention to when you’re looking to hire a lawyer as an entrepreneur. It’s crucial to find an excellent attorney to handle your petition. You want to begin the process by having a consultation.

Finding a business savvy Houston, Austin & Dallas lawyer who is well-informed of the industry of your company is relatively simple. It can benefit you to find a lawyer who understands your business objectives and has your best interest in mind. Look for a lawyer who has already successfully assisted foreign entrepreneurs with maintaining their business in the U.S. An experienced lawyer will know the intricate differences between the different types of investor Visas available. There are key aspects to each and you will need to understand the type of Visa that you need intimately.

Beginning the process
Your time is extremely valuable and processing an immigration petition can be a lengthy process. However, there are a few actions that you can take on your part to help expedite the process. Begin by ensuring that the attorney that you’d like to consult with has a great deal of experience in an area of immigration law that is pertinent to you and your situation. Find other entrepreneurs who have hired their own attorney and successfully gained a long-term Visa.

Referrals and references matter
Get feedback on another founder’s experience. This is a great place to gain a solid foundation of what you can expect to deal with. Try the simple method of finding a great immigration lawyer by simply asking. If you don’t have an entrepreneur in your network that can offer a referral, you may want to build your network. Visit a meetup group on immigration or business attended by other Houston entrepreneurs. There are businessmen and businesswomen that have solved this problem and you may just need to speak with them. Once you’ve found a Houston attorney that you may want to work with, ask them for references to their happy clients that they have worked with before.